SMWA50 Greetings

I would like to congratulate SMWA on your Golden Anniversary.

Over the past 50 years, SMWA has made significant contributions to the motor workshop service sector in    Singapore savings by building strong partnerships among industry stakeholders and providing timely assistance to its members.

Today, the automotive industry is embarking on a major  transition towards cleaner-energy vehicles, especially electric vehicles. There is a strong need to reskill our workforce to support this transition. I am heartened that SMWA has taken the lead, and set up the SMWA Training Academy in 2020 to prepare and equip its members for this transition. I was involved in the launch of this academy when I was at MTI and am therefore delighted today to congratulate the pioneer cohort of the National EV Specialist Safety (NESS) course for their successful completion of the course.

I encourage SMWA to continue its good work for the sector in the years ahead.

Happy Anniversary!

Automotive industry have been in the works for more than a century and yet SMWA had just pass through its 50th year in Singapore.

With its inception in 1972, SMWA had seen through the vast development and technologies changes in the industry, as such SMWA then focus to upgrade and retrained technicians in the early 2010 to adapt the new technologies.

2020 marks the milestone when SMWA training academy was setup. Coincidently, this GOLDEN ANNIVESARY marks the big change in the automotive industry when the big push for Electric vehicle changed the world. Since 2020 SMWA had been monitoring and working with various institution and automotive suppliers to understand and develop new course for the upcoming EV’s technologies.

SMWA looks forward to welcome more new members to the association so that we can gather more information and requirements from the industry so that we can uplift the new era.

Hello everyone. 

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 50th Golden Anniversary Dinner of the Singapore Motor Workshop Association.

Although the industry has had to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic for the past few years, with many of our members badly hit, we are glad that most of us have pulled through and are on the road to recovery.

We are gathered here to celebrate that resilience. There is no better way to build relations than to meet face-to-face. Social distancing, though highly sensible for the circumstances, has kept us away for too long, and it is now time to rebuild lost connections.

And thank all of you for coming. Your attendance tonight perfectly illustrates the reason for this event. That is, a show of our unity and solidarity in business and our personal lives. 

Regardless of business or profession, our actions are all intertwined in one way or another. So, the better we work together, the better we can move the industry forward for the good of the community. 

These are the core principles for SMWA and why it exists.