Code of Conduct for Members

This code of conduct forms an integral part of the conditions for membership of SMWA. All members agree to adopt and adhere to as in below:

  1. Uphold the standing of the profession and conduct ourselves in such a manner as to avoid discrediting the profession or the Association.

  2. Work within the framework of the law and follow good practices at all times.

  3. Seek to improve our professional competency and skills in respect of technological development and legislation applicable to the profession.

  4. Listen to our customers and understand their needs; constantly improve our service standards and provide them with quality products and services.

  5. Treat every stakeholder fairly and with respect; fair dealing is our guiding

  6. Actively seek for process and skill improvement of our operations in order to lower our operating costs.

  7. Encourage our employees to improve their knowledge and skills through continuous learning.

  8. In terms of effectiveness of our operations, do the right things right the first time, on time and every time.

  9. Take all reasonable steps to ensure that work undertaken by our employees and staff is performed with integrity, courtesy and consideration.

  10. Respect the confidentiality of any information given by customers, employees, staff and suppliers.